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Members of KCWIFT are women and men dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, video and new media, or any individual, business or organization that supports KCWIFT's mission. Annual Membership Dues are $25.00. Students and IFC Members receive a $5 discount.

Networking Events
June 29: GLOW Documentary Premiere!

Join us at 12:30 p.m., for this free screening at the Screenland Crown Center, 2405 Grand Blvd. (3rd Floor), Kansas City, MO 64108. 

Find out what KCWIFT has in the works this summer and kick off the season with the premiere of our short documentary on Girls Leading Our World, Inc. (GLOW)! Network with fellow filmmakers and find out how you can help GLOW serve girls in Kansas City's urban core. Thanks to everyone who helped make this film a reality!

Visit our events page for more information.
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Since its inception Kansas City Women in Film & Television has been helping women filmmakers, directors, and producers achieve shared goals that once seemed out of reach. KCWIFT's programs support education, networking, and mentorship opportunities in Kansas City and nationwide. The organization also supports programs recognizing women's accomplishments and influence, and continues to develop new and exciting programs that open doors and create opportunities for more women to achieve their goals. Join KCWIFT to become part of a dynamic organization dedicated to empowering, promoting, and mentoring women in the entertainment, communications, and media industries. Achieve your highest potential through a network of valued contacts, educational programs, and exciting events. 
You GLOW, girl!
If you missed the Indiegogo campaign deadline for our short documentary on Girls Leading Our World, Inc. (GLOW) but would still like to contribute to our fundraising campaign, please click on the "Donate" button to the right to give through PayPal.  We're teaming up with local filmmakers this Spring to bring GLOW's story into focus.

But we still need your help.
We are not a production company with deep pockets. We are just a not-for-profit group of filmmakers who are ready to make a promise to at-risk youth living in Kansas City’s urban core.

In Walt Disney's old stomping grounds,
on Kansas City's east side, GLOW meets each week to serve girls, ages 8-24. These girls face enormous challenges:  generational poverty, homelessness, physical and sexual abuse, parental incarceration and drug abuse, gun violence in their neighborhoods, and lack of access to accredited schools. But this film is not about what’s wrong in these girls’ lives.

It’s about what's right within each girl.
Founded by two caring women who used their own savings to launch the program, GLOW teaches girls that the challenges that circumscribe their lives do not define who they are. And GLOW’s mission is to give girls the tools they need to transcend their current circumstances to become positive, informed, caring and creative young women.

KCWIFT supports this mission.
And we invite you to join us in becoming part of GLOW’s network of caring adults.

GLOW’S girls have a story to tell.
And our goal is to show them how to use their voices and harness the power of digital storytelling to gain agency in their own lives. During the production of the GLOW documentary, girls will learn how to use the arts to shape a world of their own making.

Directed by Emmy Award-winner Cara Myers,
this film is—in essence—a promise. We are promising to help GLOW’s girls develop their creative potential.

Will you make that promise too?
Your donation will help raise matching funds for the documentary, which will also serve as a marketing tool that GLOW can use to help sustain and expand its much-needed services. Donations also will be used to purchase simple flip cameras so GLOW can continue to include the art of filmmaking in its curriculum.

If you believe the arts have the power to change lives,
please join us in making a promise to the girls of GLOW. Walt Disney doesn’t have to be the only creative success to grow out of Kansas City’s east side. We believe GLOW's girls have the power to be anything they want to be.

This year, help us make some hearts GLOW
and show them you believe in them too. Click on the "Donate" button above to make your gift today.  Thank you for your support!