Below is a list of the current KCWIFT Crews and their responsibilities. If you would like to help out on one or more of these crews please contact us using the form here. You do not need to be a board member to help out on these crews.

  • Outreach Crew

    Outreach Crew

    Recruits, retains and communicates with members, as well as develops programs that will attract membership and promote members’ advancement and professional development.


    • Develops strategies for increasing membership
    • Identifies and develops value for members
    • Works closely with Secretary and Treasurer to maintain chapter database
    • Serves as main contact for new members including sending out membership cards
    • Surveys members periodically to ensure KCWIFT members’ needs are being met
    • Works closely with Executive Crew to coordinate master KCWIFT calendar
    • Develops prospective membership list


    • Programs monthly networking meeting
    • Develops additional KCWIFT programs, including workshops, speakers, special events, mentoring
  • Media/Marketing Crew

    Media/Marketing Crew

    Oversees the public face of KCWIFT and its members.

    • Develops and implements business and marketing plan
    • Oversees communications, advertising, publicity, social media and other digital strategies
    • Works with other crews to create cohesive brand marketing strategies
    • Writes and distributes media releases surrounding KCWIFT events and initiatives
    • Seeks media coverage and acts as primary media liaison for chapter
    • Gathers and forwards all documentation/news articles/coverage to Secretary for archives


    • Oversees the background logistics of the website
    • Helps board members learn how to create and maintain their own posts and pages
    • Helps members learn how to create and maintain their own profile pages


    • Oversees production of KCWIFT newsletters featuring events and initiatives
    • Produces newsletter monthly and when appropriate
  • Competition Crew

    Competition Crew

    Develops and oversees KCWIFT competitions.

    Short Screenplay Contest

    • Develops criteria for screenwriters contest including overseeing application and selection process
    • Main contact for entrants, finalists and judges
    • Oversees grand funds management.
    • Ensures progress and project is completed on time and process is well documented
    • Manages all aspects of events involved with this annual contest: entries, judging, staged reading of finalists’ screenplays, partnership with KC FilmFest, awards
  • Festival Crew

    Festival Crew

    Oversees KCWIFT participation in and development of film festivals locally, regionally and nationally.

    • Acts as a liaison to various film festivals in the Greater KC region, Heartland film festivals and national film festivals
    • Develops partnerships with film festivals
    • Curates KCWIFT films for film festivals
    • Encourages KCWIFT members to enter film festivals
    • Promotes KCWIFT mission and projects at film festivals
    • Develops KCWIFT festivals
  • Development Crew

    Development Crew

    Ensures KCWIFT’s financial viability and oversees programs that provide filmmakers with financial resources.


    • Researches and actively seeks out potential grant opportunities for chapter initiatives and members
    • Writes grant proposals
    • Manages ongoing grants
    • Oversees grant fund management
    • Serves as grant administrators

    Fiscal Sponsorship

    • Develops guidelines for fiscal sponsorships
    • Manages fiscal sponsorships

    Strategic Partnerships

    • Develops partnerships with corporate sponsors
    • Recruits local and/or national corporations/organization to secure in-kind or discounted services for members
    • Secure goods and services for various KCWIFT initiatives, such as goodie bags, prizes for contest winners


    • Develops and implements fundraising events and drives
  • KCWIFT Advancement Crew

    KCWIFT Advancement Crew


    • Oversee nomination process for Board of Directors and Officers
    • Develops Advisory Council process and guidelines with goal of starting new Advisory Council

    Board Bylaws and Policies

    • Develops polices for Board of Directors and Executive Committee, such as Conflict of Interest policy
    • Manages bylaws to ensure relevancy


    • Plans and oversees Board of Directors retreat in September

    Strategic Vision

    • Develops 3-5 plan for KCWIFT