Officers and Executive Committee


Officers of Kansas City Women in Film & TV (KCWIFT) include the chapter President, Vice President(s), Secretary and Treasurer who oversee the general business and administration for the chapter including legal, financial and related tasks necessary to maintaining chapter good standing. These officers comprise the “Executive Committee.” Officers are elected by the Board of Directors and serve one year terms. Officers must be members in good standing of KCWIFT.

KCWIFT Officers and Executive Committee

  • President – Erin P.S. Zimmerman

    • Presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors
    • Oversees Board of Directors and leads monthly board meetings
    • Manages Executive Committee to oversee chapter administration & communication
    • Main contact with other (local & national) film organizations –
  • Co-Vice Presidents – Lauren Groom & Dena Hildebrand
    • Works closely with President to manage Board of Directors and needed chapter Committees
    • Directly oversees Executive Committee on processes and tasks required for successful chapter operation
    • Assumes President’s responsibilities if President unable
  • Treasurer – Ashley Mayer

    • Oversees all financial aspects of chapter including: Accounts receivables and accounts payables, invoicing, deposits, and checking account balance, necessary financial record-keeping and reporting to Board of Directors, state and federal tax agencies.
    • Maintains current 501c3 status and filing annual tax return
  • Co-Secretaries – Julie Myer & Kris Winters
    • Responsible for chapter minutes, database, archives and organizing and housing chapter documentation.
    • Works closely with President and Executive Committee to perform general administration and keep all chapter records organized & updated.
    • Maintains general chapter email inquiries and either directs as appropriate or responds on behalf of chapter