Fiscal Sponsorship Projects

Below are a list of projects that are currently participating in our Fiscal Sponsorship program. If you would like to donate to one of these projects, please click on the donate button next to the project.



KCWIFT Member: Catherine Dudley-Rose
Project: Parallel Chords

In this debut feature film from Missouri-based filmmaker Catherine Dudley-Rose, a young violinist struggles to break free of her pianist father in order to find her own voice. The short version of the film, Parallel Chords (overture), screened in over 30 National Film festivals, winning Best Short Film, Curator’s Pick, Best Sound, and a Jury Award for Excellence in Music. Please consider a donation to help with the feature length version of this artful and compelling story!



KCWIFT Member: Jefferson Donald
Project: Siloam

After the murder of his younger brother, a preacher is burdened with the choice to cling to his faith or kill. This short Christian drama is currently in pre-production and your support is appreciated!



KCWIFT Member: Anita Cordell
Project: I Will Rise

The I WILL RISE project is a video movement to implore the community to take a stand against violence, including human trafficking, against our kids. By providing video content to help expose the tragedy of violence against children and to provide solutions to stop the violence, I WILL RISE encourages people to rise up to put an end of such violence. “A Dangerous Profession” is a short that links being an abused child to the reality of becoming a prey to adults recruiting prostitutes. “Piercing the Bubble” exposes human trafficking in the Midwest, thus piercing the bubble of denial that this atrocity doesn’t happen in our own backyard.



KCWIFT Member: Mary Pruitt
Project: The Tree

Dorothy, a self-determined independent octogenarian, has seen friends and family pass from this life to the next with varying degrees of grace. Despite relatively good health, Dorothy knows her time is limited and takes it upon herself to embark upon a road trip back to the city where she was raised. The film chronicles Dorothy’s solo road trip from a small town in Kansas to Terre Haute, Indiana, her interactions with those she meets along the way, and the surprising revelations that unfold. Dorothy will be played by Kansas City legend Joicie Appell.



KCWIFT Member: Kate Barton
Project: Bottle Fed

Bottle Fed is a comedy feature film about a young, single mom attempting to pursue her “pre-baby” dreams by forming a stand-up comedy mom band with her best friend. The project centers around the idea of trying to figure yourself out, after kids— before you really had the chance to figure yourself out in the first place.